On your marks, get set; GO!
In the beginning, we were all together.
Our quest for the same thing brought us en-masse.
We all wanted one thing;
to finish high school.
It was a highly competitive race where;
Everyone wanted medals,
But, only a few were willing to work for it.
Halfway through the race, we became desperate.
Withholding relevant information from others,
Just to be at an advantage.

In the end, we came back together,
To finish this race, we had to jump a hurdle.
That hurdle was W.A.S.S.C.E.
Illumination was easily accessible.
It moved with the wind and came with the oxygen we inhaled.
Secrets seized to exist,
Love was the new trend.
Hierarchy was destroyed.
The geeks became rock stars;
Everyone needed their knowledge.
The proud became humble;
Nobody wanted to fail nor be left behind.
We were all besties.
We all wanted to cross the finish line together.

Then came graduation,
Everyone showed up looking sharp.
On that very day, another race began.
There was no need to share information.
The geeks went back to being just geeks.
Hierarchy was restored.
The new race was indeed new.
New faces joined us.
We had the same objective, but,
We all had different routes to take.

Some ran to the University,
Some jogged to A levels
Others fell into a dormant one or two-year gap.
We might not all get to the end of the race at the same time,
We might not even get there at all.
My one prayer is that we finish well.
That we all get to the end of the race,
With huge smiles on our faces and necks adorned with medals!

This race is ever-changing
With every new day comes a new way of finishing faster.
You have to be fast,
You have to be sharp,
You have to be curious.

What I know is;
I am in the race, the ever-changing one.
The one with sleepless nights and early mornings,
My friends make me love it.
That’s all that matters.
Love. Friendship and Fun!
You too will love the ever-changing race.