Arts and Africa is constantly on the lookout for rich African content. If you would like to be featured, send us your literary submissions. We read literary submissions within two weeks of receiving it, but we do not provide feedback. If you do not hear from us within two weeks, assume your article will not be published. Feel free to submit another article.

A few things to keep in mind:

1. Send submissions only as attachments via email to [email protected]

2. Make sure your document name is the title of your work (Do not title your work “Arts and Africa.docx”)

3.The subject matter of the email should be Arts and Africa Submission and the form you choose. Example: Arts and Africa Submission Poetry or Arts and Africa Submission Photography

4. Do not make the same submission, more than once.

5. Your submission must be in it’s final form (Do not submit drafts or updates)

6. If you are submitting an anonymous piece, you must so specify in the body of the submissions email. However, if you are using a pen name, you must provide a first and last name. We do not publish under initials of any kind or screen names.

7. We accept fiction, poetry, book reviews, photography, art, literature commentaries and so much more. The form you choose to send should have a touch of Africa in it, in whatever way you please.

8. We do not accept submissions that have been published elsewhere

9. Always include a bio in the body of your submissions email–make it as playful as you can.

10. You retain copyright of your work although we require that you credit Arts and Africa as the original publisher of your work.

11. Be advised that we would edit your work.

12. Be yourself. If you want to write about a topic or in a format you don’t see on Arts and Africa currently, assume we are interested. We are always looking for new kinds of content.