About us


Africa, through her grit and ebony, must be celebrated. Our more than thin lips would speak the stories that our flat noses have refused to exhale.

Arts and Africa is a platform for the appreciation of Africa and art. It is a showcase of the diverse African cultures and lifestyles to the world through art. There are many cultures and cultural practices in Africa that are yet to be recognized and appreciated. Arts and Africa aims to appreciate and preserve culture and also to create cultural awareness.

Arts and Africa consists of a group of awesome young writers, artists and poets who believe that their art is worth sharing with the world. It is a platform for collective talent and creativity to blossom. Following our website will make you really cool because our website is really cool and our content is fascinating and diverse.

We hope to herald the next generation of African writers and create a reading culture among the youth. To spark an appreciation of the arts among young Africans. To incite positive change in the minds of our readers. To give voices to the voiceless with stories to share. For self-expression and entertainment.

We will post content four times every week, on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Our posts would include poems, stories, artworks, book reviews and spoken word reviews. We would have guest posts too as we would regularly feature other beautiful artists. We hope to expand as time goes on and do more interesting things. Thanks for being here, go on and explore!

Africa in all its glory must be told. Clothed in adire with food and laughter and a paintbrush in the tiny crook between our toes, we would paint an Africa that is true to only us. Our own Africa.